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Food has always been a passion of mine.  I love enjoying real good home cooking, trying new things, eating at local restaurants...if there is food involved I get excited.  Its not just the food itself, it's the atmosphere that comes with enjoying a meal that really sparks something in me.
Growing up I was always surrounded by tons of family and friends, a full house was the norm, and with that came lots of food.  Good food.  Real food.  Home cooking that came from generations of family.  Italian, Chinese, Indian you name it...there was always a reason to share the things everyone loved from their home to ours.  
We had a busy household with 4 kids and my parents always made dinner a top priority.  Cooking together and sitting down a the table is where we took the time to truly connect, and to this day that resonates with me and now with my own family.  Getting to cook things I was taught growing up and watching people enjoy meals I create brings out true joy in me.
13 years ago I moved Calgary to marry my husband, a born and raised Calgary boy.  It became my mission to find all the amazing local spots that have that same passion for tradition and flavours that you taste in every bite.  
It is amazing how many people there are in this city that truly love cooking and sharing their creations with all of us.  It is these local businesses, such as the one our family has owned since 1957, that we want to help.  Every restaurant and small business owner is what creates the heart of this city!
That is where Market Basket was born.  How do we share the best of what Calgary has to offer with everyone and all in one place.
Teaming up with my husband and our amazing friend, another local family owned business who has been supporting farms and small restaurants for 30 years, we have created something really special for you.  Teamwork makes the dreamwork and we full heartedly believe together this will be amazing.
We all know there isn't always time to cook or dine out, but we want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a great meal.  Whether you are bringing out your inner chef and making your own dishes or taking it easy and putting together a kit or ready made meal, we have it all!
Our team is so excited to bring this to you and can't wait to meet more and more vendors who share this same passion.  
Thank you all for taking this journey with us and we can't wait to cook with you and fill your hearts and kitchens with the best of Calgary!!
Warm wishes and cheers!!