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Prairie West Specialty Meats (Platinum Alberta Brand) previously known as Community Foods was founded in 1990 has been a wholesale distributor to restaurants in Calgary for over 25 years and prides itself on quality and superior service.

The Foremskys have over 30 years in the meat industry and have taken the time to know and get respect from suppliers all over the world.

Giving Calgary the choice in products and price is the MAIN goal of Community Foods, natural products is the backbone to our product list but we also offer a large variety of AAA and conventional products that are of the highest quality.

Custom products are in high demand; we offer everything from Custom Charcuterie, Sausage and steaks.

Delivering the healthy alternative, Prairie West Specialty Meats provides products to the best restaurants in Calgary and surrounding area.


 Scarpone Foods is the largest wholesale distributor of Italian and Mediterranean products in Western Canada. Find many of our products including our own label in major retailers and restaurants spanning the four Provinces.

Established in 1956 and a division of Great West Italian Importers, the Scarpone’s office and distribution warehouse sit next to our retail operation, The Italian Store in North East Calgary.

Scarpone’s has been importing, packing and distributing products throughout Western Canada for over 60 years with distribution from Victoria to Thunder Bay.

Our aim has remained clear and focused:
To provide and familiarize the consumer with quality choice Italian or Mediterranean goods at an excellent price
To provide our retail partners with choice quality product and having these partners realize tremendous sales with superior margins
We are proud to be offering Canadians the best in Italian and Mediterranean foods via our in house Scarpone’s products along with distributing some of the industry’s finest and most well known brands.



Alberto and Christina Iamartino opened Great West Italian Importers 1958. Their first location was purchased by the City of Calgary as it extended Crowchild Trail over the Bow River. They relocated to a bigger warehouse and storefront in Inglewood, just across the river from the Italian neighbourhood of Bridgeland. At the same time the Iamartinos started a family and as the business grew, the kids became an integral part of the overall operations.

Sera, one of Iamartino’s children would help stock the store shelves. Her parents didn’t speak English very well so she also did most of the paperwork. They started selling their product into Safeway, and Sera would go to these stores filling and stocking shelves.
Today, Sera, her husband Mike, Sera’s sister Sue and Sue’s husband Giovanni own and operate Great West Italian Importers, an umbrella company with two divisions. These divisions include The Italian Store; the retail end of this family-owned food business, and Scarpone’s Quality Italian Foods; importer of products from all over the world.
In 2001 The Italian Store opened a cappuccino bar and cafe. It has a seating area for about 50 people, provides hot lunches, espresso and homemade gelato. Platters, trays and catering orders are a big part of the stores business.
The deli offers a wide selection of local and imported meats and cheese including a delicious assortment of antipasti.
Rows of pasta, juice for winemaking, winemaking supplies, dry goods, fresh bread daily, a small produce section, coffees and pots, san marzano tomatoes, and small kitchen equipment are just a few of the items that make up The Italian Store.



30 years ago, Margaret left the corporate world to enter her first love, the kitchen. A perfectionist, she tweaked every recipe, making everything from scratch, using only market ingredients, and in small batches to guarantee quality. Being gluten intolerant herself in the 80s with few options, she made her own gluten-free products in addition to her popular menu standards, and pioneered the Calgary Gluten-Free movement. All soups are made in an Extreme Kitchen under the watchful eye of the chef

Established in May of 2016 Jenny's Delectables began the production and sale of Gourmet Stuff'd Potatoes. Creating an all natural home cooked product that quickly grew in popularity throughout Southern Alberta. Available only in Farmers Markets for the first 2 years Jenny's found a new home on the shelves in many stores in Southern Alberta and garnered the attention of larger grocery store chains such as COOP, Sobeys, and Freson Brothers. Currently in over 70 stores reaching as far North as Manning and South to Lethbridge Jenny's is growing at an incredible rate. With a commitment to local growers, and the absolute freshest ingredients available, Jenny's continue to supply the highest quality product possible. With the head office  in Calgary Jenny's growing demand for its products is a testament to their unwillingness to waiver from the highest standards

It is sisters, danica + lexi’s mission to educate, empower + inspire you with their simple + nourishing blends designed to elevate your elixirs, smoothies, special snacks + desserts, as well as all your kitchen creations.
Since 2016, the gut lab’s superfood ranges are mindfully crafted using only the highest quality, responsibly sourced powdered roots, herbs, fruits, + healing mushrooms.
It is their heart felt promise to support you along your wellness journey in mind, body, + spirit.
"Because at the gut lab, we believe in supercharged wellness for the people, for the planet."
Love your guts



It all started in Thailand - as any story that ends in Thai curry should. Like many who travel to Thailand and Southeast Asia, Michelle Chick, founder of Thai Manna, was blown away by the food. From roadside food stalls to bustling night markets, every dish she tasted came alive with spices and aroma. She returned home with more than a few stamps on her passport. She came back to Calgary with a passion for Thai cuisine




Founder, Whitney Turcato, knows how incredible the health benefits of bone broth are, which is why at Borderland Foods they intend to bring you simple, nutritious products that can be used every day, multiple times a day. The utility of their broths is so dynamic that they promise you will never get bored! All of their broths are simmered low and slow to maximize the nutrients extracted during the cooking process. As a Canadian company, Borderland Foods sources all of their bones local from Canadian farms. They believe that our farms have some of the best farming practices in the world. And not only does she support local, but Whitney is a masters' prepared registered nurse so she not only wants to provide delicious healthy food for her community, but she also wants to give back. This is why she focuses on hiring individuals who are recovering from addictions where at all possible. A company with HEART!



Founder, Whitney Turcato, believes so strongly in the health benefits of bone broth that at Borderland Pets they are determined to educate as many pet owners as possible on the health benefits of this superfood. They know that pet owners are seeking better ways to keep their pets healthier for longer, and want to help you succeed in this important endeavor. They ensure that all bone broths are simmered low and slow to maximize the nutrients extracted during the cooking process. This ensures maximum nitrition for your pet. As a Canadian Company they support local and all of their bones are sourced from ethical Canadian farms. Borderland Pets believes that our farms have some of the best farming practices in the world and they also believe that caring about the wellbeing of these animals matters.



During 2020 Katie Duffin, founder of Lazy Bake, realized that while everyone loves quality fresh baked goods not everyone has the patience or desire to spend all the time and effort it takes to create something delicious that you will demolish in about 5 minutes. So if she was able to help people create these delicious homemade treats they can feel proud of, then she would be spreading her love of baking. So Lazy Bake was born! Want to bake, but don’t have time, ingredients or expertise? Take out all of the guess work with lazy bake's at-home baking kits, and deliver real homemade tasting results that couldn’t be easier. Try one of her kits and impress your loved ones today. Just a few simple steps and you get to say 'I baked this!' All she hope is you find fun with baking her kits and love the tasty results.




Alberta Made.  Handcrafted. 

With a little bit of curiosity and a whole lot of passion, we've created VDG Salumi. Using authentic Italian methods our founder developed when living abroad, our team has created cured meats that are designed to bring people together. Proudly offering farm-to-table salumi, using protein sourced from local free-range farms in Alberta that we know and trust. Recipe tested for more than 10 years, and made entirely by hand in small batches, we're committed to being a part of your life and sharing memories.

Whether you like it spicy, bold, simple, hot, or mild; we have the best salumi you’ll have. With all of our meat sourced from small free-range Albertan farms, our flavours have been raised right here in our backyard and will be sure to please your tastebuds- whatever the choice may be.

100% Gluten Free.  100% Free Range.  100% Non-GMO



We are a family owned and operated Italian eatery, with over 80 years of combined culinary knowledge in the food industry. We have been providing our customers with solutions for catering, homemade meal options, and daily dine-in or take-out meals for the past 19 years. Whether you come down for a fresh Italian sandwich, or to stock up on our homemade sauces and pastas, you can always rest assured that our products are made fresh and with love from our kitchen to yours.

Peppino was founded on the principles of providing good quality products at reasonable prices. Joe Lecce opened the doors to Peppino's in May 1993, offering only nine sandwiches and a handful of groceries. But he had a dream. Today, with his family, that dream is coming true. Peppino has expanded to offer more than 42 fresh Italian sandwiches (made to order) and 200+ fresh/frozen homemade products. We also provide full corporate and private catering, offer fine imported cheeses and meats, and stock only the best olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars that Italy has to offer. We have passion, enthusiasm and an undivided love for the products that we produce and the customers that consume them.

If you're looking for inspiration, advice, or just the comfort of simple Italian fare, we invite you to come on down to Peppino's Italian Deli in Kensington, say "ciao" and let us help you take home a little piece of Italy!




Happy Belly Kombucha is a Calgary based kombucha brewery that was born out of our passion for wholesomely delicious beverages and elixirs. Every batch of our kombucha is intentionally hand-crafted, and all of our brews are made with the finest and freshest quality ingredients sourced locally and worldwide!

Believe it or not, Kombucha has been brewed and enjoyed for centuries all around the world. We fell in love with kombucha when we first experienced a freshly brewed kombucha on tap (specifically Buchi's Kombucha) in the United States while attending a wholefood and health conference (WAPF International Conference) a few years back. The taste of a freshly brewed kombucha offers such a uniquely delicious experience that we couldn't get it off of our minds!

At the time, the majority of kombucha filling the local store shelves in Canada was imported, and hence lacked the freshly brewed flavour we had fallen in love with. Desperate to fill our kombucha fix, we started brewing our own! At first, it was just about brewing for ourselves, and we had fun experimenting with different fresh and local flavours that inspired us. We shared our brews with our family and friends, who loved them just as much as we did! They started requesting for us to brew more, and soon later, Happy Belly Kombucha was born!

Here we are today, brewing for us, our family and friends, and for you and your family! Our flavours are mostly inspired by the bounties of mother earth, while some of our inspiration comes from our fellow kombucha brewers. We absolutely love love LOVE the taste of the kombucha we are able to create, and we are so excited to share it with you!

We hope you get the opportunity to taste Happy Belly Kombucha and love it just as much as we do. Drink well and be well!  




Making fast food okay again.

There just isn't any other way to do this anymore.  The burger joint needs to go fully plant based.  And here it is.

The keys to a great burger have always been the same: make it out of great stuff, make it delicious, enjoy.  And to complete your meal dive into out 100% plant based ice cream, from the cream to the toppings.  Allergen free goodness!



I was raised in a Ukrainian / Polish farm in South Eastern Manitoba.  Our meals consisted mainly of Ukrainian dishes, farm raised meats and garden fresh vegetables.

Having perogies and cabbage rolls was a normal supper in our household of eight.  At the age of 18, I found myself working for a living, but always came back for Mom’s homemade foods.  Moving to Alberta in 1997, I took my Mom's and Baba's recipes and started making them for our family.  Soon after, we got involved in the Farmers Markets and things escalated from there.

All of our perogies are hand pinched, just the way Baba used to make them.
We hand peel all locally grown potatoes and onions, and use all real, natural ingredients.

We do not use any processed foods, and only use Balderson's extra old cheddar cheese in our perogies.

Baba will be proud of the perogies we serve.



 The word ambrosial originates from Latin meaning 'especially delicious'. We started this journey to bring an especially delicious cheesecake, to cheesecake lovers that have tried it all.
It all began with a family recipe that has been passed down through generations and the desire to enjoy the tastes of childhood again. After experimenting with making our own cheese, we have refreshed this traditional and well loved dessert.
We could not find an individually packaged cheesecake that compared in taste and texture so we made our own. Baking and cooking has always been a creative outlet in order to share wholesome, homemade food with family and friends.

Our cheesecake starts by handcrafting our cream cheese, in small batches. We select dairy from Canadian farmers and beet sugar which is grown and processed in Taber, Alberta. We still use whole eggs in our cheesecake which are cracked by hand and also sourced within Alberta. A few other wholesome ingredients and you get our smooth, light and luxurious cheesecake. We also offer some non-traditional flavours like lemon lavender and saskatoon berry.

You have not had cheesecake until you have had this one!  



At The Go Tu, we take pride in providing Authentic Vietnamese spring rolls and mouthwatering sauces using our family recipes that have been passed down for half a century. Our products are handmade with quality fresh ingredients, ensuring only the best of the best. We are your Go Tu Vietnamese Kitchen, a taste of true tradition from our family to yours.  



   Since 2013, The Fine Food Stop has worked in delivering the ultimate in local food distribution. Our focus on delivering high quality food products coupled with our dedication to quality has rapidly increased the amount of clients we service and in turn has helped us to refine our services even more to make delivering food the ultimate experience in hospitality for our clients.  

Our team is composed of people who love their job and care about service. Over the past year we've doubled in size and we continue to grow and service an increasing number of locations and establishments in the southern Alberta region.

We know timeliness, quality and consistency are the keys to running a successful business. We abide by these three principles both within our organization and extend the same attitude to our clients. We know of no better way to keep our clients happy than keeping our word!


We want to bring the farm closer to the people and people closer to their food.


Paul Shumlich was researching food security while in university. Aquaponic technology seemed like part of the solution - a way to provide nutrients and protein all year, no matter the climate. Together with co-founder Kevin Daniels, the two set out to build prototype systems in their universities and in their backyards.

Paul and Kevin met Reid Henuset in November, 2017 and the three of them started to bring their vision to life. A prototype farm is built and the first commercial sales begin. Chef Blair Clemis at Model Milk, Chef Steve Smee at Ten Foot Henry, and Chef Quinn Staple at Hotel Arts are the first to support the aquaponics in Calgary. The science experiment becomes a business.

A full-sized farm is opened in a new warehouse - 10,000 sq. ft. of growing space and room for tens of thousands of fish! The team begins to expand, hiring three new full-time employees.

To announce the official launch of the new farm a crowdfunding campaign runs during the month of December. and the farm catches the attention of the media and is catapulted into the spotlight. In November 2018, the first fish sale is made to Chef Darren MacLean at Shokunin. The farm is now fully operational.

The farm now employs more than a dozen full-time staff and operates seven days a week. As of October, 2019, we’re growing hundreds of pounds of kale, arugula, and mustard greens each week and raising more than 50,000 fish.

"We want to change the way Canadians eat by providing fresh food all year round. To do this, we’re going to expand the farm vertically and improve the growth rates of the plants and fish in the system. When this farm is complete, it will produce more than 2 tons of leafy greens each week, as well as 500 pounds of fish."

As a firefighter and first responder, I see every possible life experience in one shift.

I see people on the best day of their lives.

I see people on the worst day of their lives.

I see people on the very first day of their lives.

I also see people on the last day of their lives.

This line of work gives me the awareness that it is up to us to make the very best of every day we have.

Each morning, my family and I enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee, and plan out our day. Not a moment is wasted in planning how we can make the most of our days and lead a fulfilling life. It is a wonderful ritual.

It is a wonderful ritual.

We hope that Five'21 Roasters coffee becomes part of your family's ritual, and that you too, choose to seize the day and live the best life you possibly can. Carpe diem.

BAMBOO DUMPLINGS founder Carrie Liu, has a passion for creating and sharing simple, tasty Chinese food. She grew up in a family restaurant in China surrounded by delicious food and started learning how to make authentic, Chinese dumplings with the chef when she was just twelve years old. This was done in her parents’ Dumpling House in Harbin, China using her grandparents’ famous recipe.

Her love of sharing the best Chinese dumplings and spring rolls using simple, fresh ingredients without MSG, is her passion, a passion that resulted in the creation of BAMBOO DUMPLINGS in 2018.

She believes that great food brings people together. She hopes her food will help bring the people you love, a little closer together.

Welcome to the Lannie Rae Gourmet Kitchen
So grateful you are here! Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home and this is us extending the warmth of our kitchen to you.

We believe the best meals are those homestyle creations shared and cherished with all of your special people. We endeavour to create convenient and delicious "slow" products that you can easily whip up at home for every day use, special occasions and traditions and even be confident in giving them as beautiful, abundant gifts.

We grew up on hearty and homey foods, often made from scratch and it is that feel and tradition we wish to pass on. We may be a convenience product of sorts, however we are in the business of encouraging you to take the time, gather your inner peace, mix them up slow and mindfully and ultimately experience the process with all the senses. We are truly in the business of connection.

We take substantial pride in our products as well as the process. We are truly artisanal and unlike many other similar companies, we are incredibly unique with our range of offerings and we continue to hand blend each flavour by hand and on site. From blending to packaging and everything in between, every order is filled and delivered with pride, passion and gratitude (perhaps a few choice words too!)


For over a decade Miss P has been providing Calgary and area with the absolute best Gluten Free products available. An accredited commercial baker, Miss P was inspired to create recipes and products for people suffering from gluten issues. Miss P initially offered just a few types of Gluten Free bread to see what her customers thought. The response was overwhelmingly positive and today, Miss P has grown her assortment to close to 50 products thanks to her desire to help people with gluten concerns. Each time a customer comes to her asking for a new Gluten Free product whether it be lasagna, waffles, hand pies or even perogies, Miss P sets to work to make it possible! It all starts with Miss P’s belief that Gluten Free eating can and should be enjoyable.

Our Mission

At Miss P’s we want to change the perception that Gluten Free means taste free. We strive for perfection with every recipe we create ensuring that we offer a broad assortment of convenient, incredibly delicious and well priced products that you simply can’t tell are Gluten Free. Whether you have gluten allergies, celiac disease, you’re choosing to live a Gluten Free lifestyle, or you just want some downright delectable food, you can be assured that everything we bake for you comes from our very our own dedicated Gluten Free kitchen and is taste tested by Miss P herself. Miss P insists on her pie crusts being flaky, her cinnamon buns ooey-gooey, her hand-pies chockfull, and her bread soft and chewy. Simply speaking – Miss P insists on the best!

Harling Food Co. is a small, family run company dedicated to providing wholesome, nourishing meals, served in your own home. We offer personal chef services, catering and wine tastings. Our experience is that good food and drink shared around a table with close friends and family is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

We choose to support local farmers and producers who follow sustainable practices because we believe food tastes better when it comes from people who care. Our menus are updated with the seasons and when we can, we even harvest produce from our very own gardens.

Located in Calgary, we bring the best parts of dining at a restaurant into your home with thoughtfully prepared meals and custom menus by Chef Jamie Harling accompanied by expert wine pairings, dedicated service and thoughtful event styling.



In the midst of launching a new modern Korean concept by Chef Roy Oh, COVID-19 started to affect Calgary and virtually shut down the hospitality industry. Putting that concept on hold we considered how we could serve our community. Roy’s Korean Kitchen was born. We provide modern Korean food & snacks for Calgarians to enjoy at home.


Created in 2020 – our founder was looking for a healthier alternative to the “normal” lifestyle. With health issues arising, so he decided to cut out the alcohol from his life in search of a healthier normal. Cutting out the alcohol was easy – but the social aspect of enjoying a beer after a round of golf, a glass of wine after a long day, or a crafted cocktail to end the week – wasn’t as easy to give up.

The challenge faced, was locating these beverages in a grocery store wasn’t exactly the easiest, and finding that craft beer in the local liquor store usually was a cumbersome process with minimal selection. The vision was to have access to a large selection in one central area – with input and advice from others who are also enjoying and embracing this way of life brought right to your front door – the vision is SoberDry.

Everyone has their own reason for not wanting alcohol - and whatever that reason is - we want to give you an outlet at Soberdry to embrace and enjoy!


We started Allegory Chai from a desire to live out our dreams & with happiness in mind (not just dreaming about it or chasing it on the weekends like we seemed to be). We want to build a community that welcomes the sharing of allegories without prejudice. In the Indian community, that often happens over a cup of chai.

We live in a vulnerable world and often find ourselves in need of comfort. For us, that comfort often comes in the form of leaning on someone, drawing inspiration from their allegory, or simply from a cup of chai (or some combination thereof...).

Our personal allegory is one of a friendship turned love story, turned hate story, then love story again (yay!). Today, we’re married and have two babies: Ilaya and Allegory Chai.

Zakkee's allegory is one of constant inner battle. Security over authenticity; values he was taught vs values he gathered on his own. In his pursuit of happiness, he took a huge leap of faith and left his well paying oil and gas engineering career to pursue what resonated with him. Today, he's an e-commerce entrepreneur and stay at home father.

Shaista's allegory is one of vulnerability. In a world of vulnerability, for her that meant living openly with her Crohn’s disease despite the intense insecurity, shame, ugliness, and constant fear that can come with a chronic disease. After experiencing so many of the negative aspects of it, Shaista truly feels that having Crohn's disease is a blessing and is passionate about bringing joy and comfort to her community through chai and stories (hence: Allegory Chai).


a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning
(see Plato's Allegory of the Cave)

Orso Trades was a passion project started in 2017 by Bjorn Heckenstaller with the goal of bringing traditional Italian flavours to Canada from his time spent living there. Orso works with family-owned businesses in Italy to supply the local market with sustainably and ethically produced fine foods.

Offerings include olive oils, cured meats, cheeses and tapenades of high quality, delicious flavour and small production runs utilizing traditional methods.

I sell what I eat.